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2017 The Hairy Arm Nebbiolo

2017 The Hairy Arm Nebbiolo

Hairy Arm
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The 2017 Nebbiolo was our fourth venture with Nebbiolo for us. I’d had my eye on a patch of Heathcote Nebbiolo for the previous 6 years and had watched those vines mature and the character of the fruit develop. We hand harvested just 1 tonne from approximately 2 acres on the 27th March. The fruit was chilled to 14C and covered to allow a slow wild ferment. After a ferment of 8 days, it was again covered and given a 30 day post ferment soak. Pressed to my best old oak, it stayed there (apart from an occasional gentle rack) for 24 months. A further 24 months in bottle and finally our 12’ Nebbiolo tradizionale is ready to see the light of day.

Colour is not a forte of Neb. It’s all about brooding fruit and savouriness, structure and length.

Heathcote, VIC

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